Incredulo Blend Wine "Family Selection"Botella de 0,75l
Sold in a box format of 12 units


100% "Tinta de Toro" grape of more than 100 years, selected in the field and later in the winery. The harvest is done in boxes of 15 kg.
The grape spends 24 hours in a cold room at 10 degrees, one by one is selected to go into 500-liter barrels where it undergoes alcoholic fermentation.
The hat is broken daily by stepping on the grapes manually and once this fermentation has finished it is uncovered and malolactic in Bordeaux barrels of 225 liters.
Subsequently, we aged for 20 months in barrels, also from Bordeaux of 225 liters, with a special roasting and a selection of the best oak trees in France.
It has a rounding of 1 year minimum in bottle.
The number of bottles produced per year is very small and only in the years that the grape meets the maximum quality requirements, making it an exclusive wine, is it a "FAMILY SELECTION".



100% "Tinta de Toro" grape.


  • Visual phase Cherry red color. Clean, very bright and with an intense color sequence. It offers a creamy and colored tear.
  • Olfactory phase: Elegant and intense aromas of red berries with a background of spices and roasted notes brought in the background by French oak in a perfect blend.
  • Gustatory phase: Meaty, fresh and fruity, with a special toast that fills the palate. Elegant and long aftertaste, typical of the harmony of fruit and fine woods.


Dishes in which intense sensations dominate, such as game, red meat, roasts, rice, mushrooms, cured cheeses and Galician octopus.


Take at a temperature around 14ºC letting it decant in a glass jar, 30 minutes before enjoying it.