Incrédulo Wine0,75l bottle
Sold in a box format of 12 units


The harvest is manual, in fruit boxes of 15 kg, after a selection process in the field, leaving the bunches that are not in perfect condition, a second selection is made upon arrival of the grapes to the winery, in selection tape Vineyards precedents over 90 years. We destemmed but do not crush, the grapes are cooled to 10 degrees in a cold room and thus the grape enters stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature, where a cryomaceration is done between 5-7 days for a greater extraction of fruit and color. Subsequently, the alcoholic fermentation begins during which 3 daily traces are carried out with batonagge and a temperature not exceeding 24ºC. Once this fermentation is finished, the wine is macerated for 15 days and subsequently taken to Bordeaux French oak barrels where the malolactic fermentation takes place. When this second fermentation is finished, it is aged in French oak barrels for 14 months.

It is not filtered, clarified or stabilized, so that natural precipitations of the wine itself can appear.

Bottle aging is done in a cold room with controlled temperature and humidity.



100% "Tinta de Toro" grape.


  • Visual phase: Cherry red color with violet hues in thin layer. Clean, very bright and with an intense color sequence. It offers a creamy and colored tear.
  • Olfactory phase: Elegant and intense aromas of red fruits with a spice and roasted background brought in the background by the French oak in a perfect assembly.
  • Gustatory phase: Meaty, fresh and fruity, with young, lively and sweet tannins that fill the palate. Elegant and long in retronasal, typical of the harmony of fruits and noble woods.


Dishes in which intense sensations dominate, such as hunting, red meat, roasts, rice, mushrooms, cured cheeses and Galician octopus.


Take it at a temperature around 14ºC leaving it to decant in a glass jar, 30 minutes before enjoying it.